Direct Van Den Bulck / Flanders Collection

Our existing Van Den Bulck collection has been spear-headed by the magnificent “DREAM RODE” cock. In just over 12 months of breeding our DIRECT SON of “BROER GOEDE RODE” has already produced 1st prize-winners (including 1st Open NIPA 4,810 birds) with no fewer than FOUR different hens. His quality is simply OUTSTANDING.

Today, 20th June we are thrilled to announce a HUGE new venture for us. We’ve been in Belgium and followers of ours on Facebook might have seen us at the lofts of Dirk Van Den Bulck and The Flanders Collection. The quality of pigeon that we saw was simply out of this world. So outstanding that it left us with no choice – we have to have them!

As a consequence of this visit we are now the most elite outlet for the Van Den Bulck and Flanders Colletion pigeons in Europe (outside of these 2 lofts).

Below you’ll see 2 DIRECT DAUGHTERS of the world famous “KITTEL” that are now breeding with us. In total an INCREDIBLE 32 pairs are now housed at “The Home of Speed”. We have them off everything you could almost possibly dream of. We have them off KITTEL”, “GREIPEL”, “OLYMPIC KITTEL”, Same way bred as “OLYMPIC KITTEL”, “THE 030” etc etc. The list goes on and on!

This isn’t just a numbers game. We haven’t introduced 32 pairs just for the sake of it. The assessment was based on QUALITY and QUALITY alone

We’re excited for the future!