The Van Den Bulck Collection

We wouldn’t have many Van Den Bulcks on the garden at present. The one’s that we do house however are of outstanding quality. Truly outstanding. Obviously the “King” of our Van Den Bulck collection is “THE DREAM RODE” and you can read all about him on his own dedicated web-page. He’s a DIRECT SON of “BROER GOEDE RODE” when mated onto one of THE absolute BEST daughters of “KITTEL” that’s ever been produced.

You’ll see a sample of our Van Den Bulck collection below. They’re all pretty young breeders in their own right (there’s also one image of an outstanding young Van Den Bulck racer too).  Let’s not forget though that there’s also a little bit of Van Den Bulck influence in our “BEST KITTEL” collection. Now; please do not get confused. “BEST KITTEL” is in no way shape or form a Van Den Bulck. He’s the icon of an exciting new sprint family. But we do have them DIRECT from “BEST KITTEL” when he was mated onto a FULL SISTER of “OLYMPIC ROSITA” and she of course bred “KITTEL”, “GREIPEL”, “NEW KITTEL”, “GOLD DUST”, “ANGELINA” etc


We also have DIRECT from “BEST KITTEL” when he was mated on to a DIRECT DAUGHTER of “BROER GOEDE RODE” x Dirk’s favourite hen “GOED ROOD”. There is no better Van Den Bulck bloodlines than that