*The “ORNAT’S” have arrived. Ultimate One Loft Race Breeder (22nd October 2019)*

We decided a while back that we’d like to have a bit of a dabble in the world of One Loft Racing. This will give us an interest throughout the winter months when we’re obviously not racing ourselves. That began our quest to find what we thought was THE BEST breeder in terms of One Loft Racing was concerned on a worldwide scale.

Many pigeons were recommended to us. Many were considered. Virtually all were discarded. Then we found “ORNAT”. What a superstar he is!  

As a racer himself he was brutally successful in the world of One Loft Racing. He was winner of the following in South Africa

1st Car Average winner 2012

61st Car Race #2 3,500 birds

22nd Car Race #3 3.338 birds

24th Car Race #4 3,299 birds

93rd Car Race #5 2,960 birds

103rd Final Race 2,793 birds


As a breeder his record stands up to the highest scrutiny. He’s not only a fantastic breeder in South Africa. His offspring are performing with distinction ALL OVER THE WORLD – even on different continents, different temperatures, different temperatures, different management techniques. Whatever they are put against the ORNAT lines perform well

In the gallery you’ll find we have no fewer than FOUR DIRECT ORNAT’S!!!   We have 2 with the superb “SORAIA” and 2 with the fantastic “AFRICAN HEAT”.

In addition to this, to form the family we also have the lines of “WOLVERINE”, “SHARKY”, “ZULU” etc.. 

We also have a direct child of “SAID IN SPUN SILVER” (2nd Open South Africa) x “ROBBEN ISLAND” (2nd Open South Africa!)


You can see more in the images below

If you like what we have – let us know!   These One Loft Races pay out HUGE rewards so we wanted to go at them with the ULTIMATE bloodlines possible. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to find the best