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“KING LEO” is housed in a single Section and therefore we can guarantee parentage on every occasion

In 2020 this cock is the G.Sire of 2nd and 3rd Open Combine 2,000 birds for us

“KING LEO” is a FULL BROTHER to Eijerkamp’s new superstar racer “CALISTO”

On the 14th April 2018 “CALISTO” won

1st Club Geel 696 birds

1st Area the Ijssel 2,2989 birds

1st Region 4 (GOU) 6,739 birds

“KING LEO”‘s Mother is also a Half-Sister to “TURBO OLYMPIADE”.   He’s the Direct Sire of


She’s winner of :

2nd Isnes 5,079 birds

2nd Chalons 3,282 birds

3rd Nanteuil 2,211 birds

4th Chimay 7,048 birds

9th Laon 1,959 birds

20th Chimay 5,433 birds


So impressed were we with the Thijs-Peters pigeons that in 2017 we moved to buy



He’s a 2017 cock direct from Eijerkamp’s new huge purchase “OLYMPIC LEO”.



Winner of :

1st Olympiad Pigeon Germany Cat D

2nd National Ace Cock Germany All-Round

1st Kalisz 3,756 birds

1st Neubrandenburg 3,517 birds

1st Neubrandenberg 1,050 birds

2nd Lubieszyn 2,219 birds

3rd Kalisz 5,183 birds

3rd Lubieszyn 1,237 birds

6th Lubieszyn 1,089 birds

8th Kalisz 3,159 birds

8th Recz 1,054 birds

9th Naklo 1,148 birds


The father of “OLYMPIC LEO” is a direct son of “DE JAN”.

The mother of “OLYMPIC LEO” is a direct daughter of “OLYMPIADE 003”


The mother of our



She’s a direct daughter of

“NIEUWE OLYMPIADE” (sold for 210,000 euro’s)

The mother of “FIRST OLYMPIADE” is a direct daughter of “DEN EURO”


In the world of Heremans-Ceusters our “KING LEO” really is immaculately well bred. He’s only a 2017 cock but he’s a fantastic specimen and the future looks big with him as part of the breeding team. He represents the biggest single purchase that we’ve ever made on a pigeon but we’re thrilled with his attitude, temperament, quality and general presence. He’s going to be some pigeon by the time he’s finished.