FOR SALE 2020 – Updated 19th January 2020

We house what is probasbly the finest collection of the new “BEST KITTEL” family in the UK. We currently have TEN direct children of “BEST KITTEL” at Stock when he was paired onto a variety of different hens.


On 18th January 2020 a direct son of “BEST KITTEL” was sold at Blackpool for £17,000


We also have more on order too – including “BEST KITTEL”, “JUNIOR”, “DANIEL”, “SHAKIRA” and “MOTHER BEST KITTEL”. If you want “in” on this spectacular new family that hacve been taking the KBDB by storm then please enquire asap to avoid disappointment.


As you navigate through the pages of the website there are also pigeons available from pretty much most of our Stock team. Please do enquire asap because we do receive bookings regularly