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In 2020 this hen is responsible for

1st and 2nd Combine 2,633 birds (by 20 ypm)

2nd Open CSCFC Wadebridge for Steve Bennett (beat by loftmate)

2nd and 3rd Combine 2,000 birds (beat by loftmate)

1st Combine 1,696 birds


What a pigeon this hen is. It was once we started to get involved with the Thijs-Peters pigeons and they began to impress us that we started to do more homework on the Heremans-Ceusters pigeons. Our homework led us to one hen. The aptly named “CHAMPION BEAUTY”


This hen has THE LOT. Her breeding is just brilliant and her breeding record is just out of this world. Is she the best breeding Heremans-Ceusters hen in the UK? We don’t know – one things for sure though she has an incredible gift for being able to throw outstanding pigeons.


Firstly, she is a FULL SISTER to “DE JAN” and she is a HALF-SISTER to “JACKPOT” – He bred “DI CAPRIO” etc…




Himself Winner of 6 x 1st prizes

1st National Asduif 2002

2nd National Asduif 2003

2nd National Asduif 2004

As a breeder though, he became almost more famous!

“De Jan” is the g-sire of

“Olympic Sperwer” (sold for 108,000 euro)

winner of;

1st Olympiad Ace bird Nitra cat. F 2013

“De Jan” is the g-sire of

“Dubbel Aske” (Sold for 62,000 euro)

winner of

1st Nat. Ace Superduif 2008

“De Jan” is the g-g-sire of

“Nieuwe Olympiade” (sold for 210,000 euro)

winner of

Olympiad pigeon Poznan cat. F 2011


 “DE JAN” is also the G.SIRE of


 (See the “KING LEO” page).



Now onto our very own


She is the MOTHER of


for Curtis Wall & Lunt.

Sire, G.Sire of Fed and Combine winners including

“DE 410” for CWL

Winner of :

1st Section 2nd Open North West Grand National Fougeres 350 miles

1st club, 2nd Federation, 3rd Lancs Combine 3,000 birds, 7th Three Counties Combine Falaise 7,000 birds

1st club 3rd Cheshire Combine, 8th Three Counties Combine Carentan 4929 birds

“410” also winner of 6th and 8th Open North West Grand National

“DE 410” bred


Winner of

1st Open three Counties Combine 284 miles, 546 members sent 4929 birds


is also responsible in 2017 for

1st Section, 1st Open MNFC Coutances for R & B Smith against

8,903 birds!!

She’s the G.Dam of


who races in Wrexham

Winner of :

1st Club 248 Birds Monmouth

1st Fed 2228 Birds Monmouth

1st Club 311 Birds Hereford

5th Fed 2227 Birds Hereford

2nd Club 194 Birds Monmouth

4th Fed 1290 Birds Monmouth

2nd Club 241 Birds Hereford

11th Fed 1621 Birds Hereford

3rd Club 180 Birds Monmouth

37th Fed 847 Birds Monmouth

14th Fed 2151 Birds Hereford

6th Fed 1372 Birds Monmouth

2nd Club Monmouth

22nd Fed 794 Birds Monmouth

36th Fed 552 Birds Monmouth

32nd Fed 807 Birds Monmouth

25th Fed 307 Birds West Bay

At John Bradley’s loft he has a DIRECT SON of her with 5 x 1st and 2 x 2nd Open Wolverhampton Federations. There’s numerous other winners at John’s lofts and her blood is very well represented at John’s loft. Children and G.Children are proven performers on the road

“CHAMPION BEAUTY” is the G.Dam of Paul Beaumont’s


Sold to China for a large sum.

She was winner of :

Champion Pigeon Liverpool Amal 2011

Ace YB Liverpool Amal 2011

RPRA Sprint award 2011

Winner of over £3,200

1st Gold Ring

1st Club 526 birds

1st Club 518 birds

2nd Amal 2,937 birds

3rd Club 766 birds

4th Amal 3,709 birds

6th Club 357 birds

8th Fastest 2,941 birds etc

“CHAMPION BEAUTY” is also the G.DAM of

1st Section 1st Open Welsh South East National Maidstone YB 2016 for Derek and Clive Flowers of Pontypool

I believe this same pigeon won another National for Derek and Clive Flowers in 2017 too

“CHAMPION BEAUTY” has produced pigeons to win at Club, Federation, Amalgamation, Combine, Section, National and RPRA Award Region level for different fanciers in different parts of the UK


That can only happen if she’s special

“CHAMPION BEAUTY” is housed in a single Section and therefore we can guarantee parentage on every occasion