The Kris Wijnants


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Many of our breeders are housed in single Sections; and therefore we can guarantee parentage on many occasions




What can we tell you about the Wijnants?

We have a very special soft spot for the Wijnants. They’ve earned that for their performances over the last 5 years. They’ve been awesome. Two pairs of pigeons came to us again through our friendship with Sheldon Leonard. We’d like to say it was our expertise that we put these birds together – but it wasn’t. The 2 pairs came to us already as proven breeders. They were “The No.1 Pair” and “The No.2 Pair” at Wynants loft in Belgium.

Since their introduction there’s very little that they haven’t done. They are the ultimate modern day versatile pigeon. We’ve timed them in from 60 miles and we’ve also timed them in when we’ve sent to the Kings Cup when there has only been about 100 home in race time.

The Wijnants are amongst the very very best birds on the garden that we have. We always feel in with a shout if the Wijnants are in the basket.

For instance the offspring of “The No.1 Pair” of Wijnants have featured in the top 40 Open of the East Down Combine (with up to 6,000+ birds competing) on at least 100 occasions!!! Yes, at least 100 times in the top 40 and it’s been a Wijnants that’s done that. That’s only in the last 4-5 years racing too.

We’ve found anything from 1100ypm to 2000 ypm and the Wijnants will just lap it up. We “think” that they’ll be best and excel at 200-400 miles but to be honest we don’t have lots of racing at that distance and we’ve never really let many Wijnants go to other fanciers before. Virtually all of those that have had them have won with them.

Wijnants pigeons have won “ACE BIRD OF THE YEAR” awards for us in the EDC. We believe that we have the best family of Kris Wijnants in the UK bar none.