“THE DREAM RODE” – Direct Son of “BROER GOEDE RODE” x Top Daughter of “KITTEL”

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a simply sensational new breeding icon here at “The Home of Speed”. We welcome the arrival of


This cock carries the ring B16-4230345 and he was bred by The Flanders Collection. He was purchased on Elimar Pigeon Services for an all time record fee exceeding £8500.00

We were motivated to bring him in because he’s a 2016 DIRECT SON of “BROER GOEDE RODE” himself when he was paired onto not only a Direct Daughter of “KITTEL” but none other than “KITTEL SAFYRA” herself. The Flanders Collection regard this hen as one of THE very best ever daughters of “KITTEL”.



“KITTEL SAFYRA” B15-4100167

She was the best young bird in Liedekerke, thanks to the following results:

1st Noyon   805 p.

1st Souppes   668 p.

1st Souppes   269 p.

5th Souppes   2,209 p.

9th Souppes   1,433 p.

14th Noyon   1,820 p.


In “THE DREAM RODE” we know there in our opinion we have recruited the services of THE VERY BEST Van Den Bulck bloodlines that it’s possible to acquire. As far as we’re concerned “BROER GOEDE RODE” is THE outstanding icon of this fantastic family – and of course “KITTEL” needs no introduction either


“THE DREAM RODE” will be paired to only THE very BEST hens that we have. If you are interested in offspring from “THE DREAM RODE” please do get in touch with us and we will do our best to meet your needs