“JULIETTE” – “The No.1 Hen”

If you’ve read “The Kris Wijnants Page” you’ll see that we’ve referred to “The No.1 Pair” and “The No.2 Pair”. Well; “Juliette” is the hen of the No.1 pair. We tried to get her partner in crime “ROMEO” to pose for a photo too but he was having none of it. By the same token we tried to get their No.1 daughter “GOLDEN EGGS” to pose for a picture too, but she’s her Daddy’s little girl and she won’t have any of it either.

For now, here is “JULIETTE”. The best Kris Wijnants breeding hen in the UK. Her biggest challenger to that title comes in the form of her 2014 daughter “GOLDEN EGGS”. When we have these bloodlines in the basket we always feel in with a chance.

It’s impossible for me to type out everything that she’s produced, so please look at the image below. Remember, on an awful lot of these occasions where you see the offspring winning 8th, 9th and 10th Open etc these are often occasions where we took the first 10 in the Section or the first 10 in the Open. They normally all arrive together – it’s just how they run through the traps that sorts them out


A lot of the pigeons on “THE KRIS WIJNANTS PAGE” contain the blood of “JULIETTE”


“JULIETTE” is housed in a single Section; and therefore we can guarantee parentage on every occasion