*NEW FOR SALE 2019* 16th June 2019

We are delighted to offer 8 YB for sale that are of the HIGHEST QUALITY. The youngsters here are bred from many of THE most highly regarded pigeons that we own. These are some of our most elite breeders.

Most of these have cost us a small fortune to acquire and the gene pool is absolutely breath-taking. Many of Europe’s elite and most sought after bloodlines are on offer. See below for details. If you’re interested in anything we have to offer then please use the “CONTACT US” options on the website.



Blue 02202  (NOW SOLD – 19.05.19)

The father of this YB is the top class cock “KING LEO” NL17-1820216

What a pigeon this is! Not many have been raced off this cock yet but goodness me they are beginning to make their mark already. He’s a direct son of “OLYMPIC LEO” when mated onto a direct daughter of the 210,000 euro “NIEUWE OLYMPIADE”. Only a couple of weeks ago we were 3rd Section 2,190 birds and 9th Open against 3,381 birds. This was a 191 miles race which offered us little chance of featuring high in the Open. Nevertheless, a direct child of “KING LEO” put up an admirable effort to win 9th Open.

“KING LEO” has his own page on the website where you can see a smashing picture of him. You can also see he’s turning into an important breeder for us. One of his first YB’s last year won 22nd Open Tullamore against 19,146 birds (beaten by 19 loftmates who all arrived together).


Cheq Pied 02203 and Blue WF 02204.

The father of these 2 belters is 18C38777. He’s a simply stunning Blue Pied cock called “BEERTJE KITTEL”. His father is a direct son of “BROER GOEDE RODE” the No.1 Van Den Bulck breeder. His mother is a direct daughter of “KITTEL”. If you look at “The Van Den Bulck Collection” page on our website you’ll see a smashing picture of him there.

The mother of 02203 and 02204 is B18-4202407. She’s called “BEST ROSITA”. You’ll see her image on “The New Superstar Best Kittel” web page.  Her father is the utterly sensational “BEST KITTEL”. This is the cock that we feel will become a household name in the next few years. His racing record was something else and his family are producing KBDB pigeons like they’re going out of fashion!

The mother of “BEST ROSITA” is B12-6323966. Full sister to “OLYMPIC ROSITA”. Famous racer and of course she went onto breed “KITTEL”, “GREIPEL” etc.

In 02203 and 02204 you have nothing but KBDB Ace Pigeons running through their veins. Their quality is outstanding.



Cheq WF 02205 and Cheq WF 02206

The father of these 2 belters is a Van Den Bulck cock 18C38891 that we acquired from Les Green. We’ve known Les a long time and have the highest regard for him. Les knows us well and he knows we only tolerate the very best and 18C38891 represents the best of his Van Den Bulck family.

The mother of 02205 and 02206 is B18-4202461. She’s called “BEST SHAKIRA”. What a pigeon this is! Her father is the brilliant “BEST KITTEL”. In 2 consecutive years he was 4th National Ace KBDB and then the following year he was 1st National Ace KBDB. The first bird raced from “BEST KITTEL” won 2nd National Ace KBDB. This cock is going to be a mega-star in the future.  You can find a picture of “BEST SHAKIRA” on “The New Superstar Best Kittel” web page

The mother of “BEST SHAKIRA” is B17-1019412. This hen is a direct daughter of “SHAKIRA”. This hen was only raced 5 times – all as a YB and won 1st 1,738 birds, 1st 1,401 birds, 3rd 1,431 birds, 5th 1,289 birds and 14th 1,664 birds. Amazing! This hen is a G-Daughter of the father of “BEST KITTEL”


Blue 02214

What a pigeon this is going to be!


The father of this YB for sale is the one and only “DREAM RODE”. What a sensational pigeon he is! He was purchased in the winter of 2018 at the Joe Elcoate Sale on Elimar and he’s the highest priced pigeon EVER sold on that website. It cost us approaching £9,000 to acquire his services.

This 2016 cock is a DIRECT SON of the brilliant No.1 breeding cock “BROER GOEDE RODE” of Dirk Van Den Bulck. Not only that but to produce “DREAM RODE” you’ll see that “BROER GOEDE RODE” was mated to not only a direct daughter of “KITTEL” but one of THE BEST EVER daughters of “KITTEL”

In 2019 “DREAM RODE” has been mated with our VERY BEST hens as you can imagine and we will offer a limited number of YB direct from “DREAM RODE”

Please enquire asap if you are interested in this incredible gene pool




To finish off we’d like to offer another super-special pair of YB. I’ll get them uploaded as soon as I can – but blink and you might miss these!

The father is a direct son of “ROMEO” the No.1 Kris Wijnants cock that we have when he was mated to his No.1 daughter “GOLDEN EGGS”. These Wijnants are superb. Only last week a Wijnants won 1st Club, 1st Section 2,000 birds, 1st Open 3,886 birds for us (That was a daughter of “GOLDEN EGGS”).

Another of our best racing cocks is “THE 50 COCK”. His mother is a Wijnants. Look at what this cock has won :

His impressive racing CV now reads : 3rd Open Mallow 4,255 birds, 10th Open Tullamore 22,129 birds, 10th Open Mallow Classic 541 birds, 12th Open 3,577 birds, 13th Open 1,454 birds, 13th Open Mullingar, 21st Open Thurles 5,194 birds, 21st Open Mallow 3,976 birds, 24th Open Tullamore 5,378 birds, 29th Open Skibereen 1,178 birds


The mother of this final pair of YB is a direct daughter of “KING LEO” x “CHAMPION BEAUTY”. What a mating! You can read all about “KING LEO” towards the top of this page. As for “CHAMPION BEAUTY” she must be one of THE top Heremans hens in the UK. A full sister to “De Jan” she is responsible for pigeons up and down the country to win 1st Nationals, RPRA Awards and various other big wins. She’s the mother of “INDIANNA” who was a big breeder for Curtis Wall and Lunt.


In the last 2 weeks BOTH of our 1st Open Combine winners have been G-Children of “ROMEO” – see above

All of the YB for sale here would be a great addition to any loft aspiring to introduce TOP QUALITY into their breeding lofts


Please use the “CONTACT US” options ASAP to avoid disappointment.